TCHS Dance


The dance studio is a dancer’s safe haven.  Proper respect and etiquette is very important to maintaining a fun, healthy, and safe dance environment.  It is a place that needs to be taken seriously and treasured.  

…and how they look applied as classroom rules

                -  Come to class with all necessary materials
                -  Remain in class the first and last 10 minutes of each class

                -  Be in your scheduled class before the bell

H             HAVE RESPECT
                -  Comply with all adult direction

S              SHOW TITAN PRIDE!
                -  Use appropriate language
                -  Maintain school dress code at all times

The following rules need to be followed and mutually enforced at all time:

1.  Students need to be willing to embrace class with an open mind, willing to move and feel in new and interesting ways.

2.  Students must always be prepared for class: have proper clothing, practice new steps and choreography, nourished, and awake!

3.  Student will accept that everyone learns and moves differently.  That is what makes dance and movement so interesting.

4.  All types of students and dancers at any level are welcome in our dance class.

5.  Clothing must be appropriate and moveable.  Clothing must follow the TCHS Dance Department Dress Code.

6.  Shoes are not allowed on the marley flooring.

7.  Only healthy snacks/meals and drinks are allowed in the studio.

8.  The sound system is not to be touched, unless directed to do so by the teacher.

9.  Cell phones are not to be used or handled during class.

10.  If a student is not participating in class on particular day, she is to be quite and respectful.

11.  The bathroom is not available for students.

12.  There is no water fountain in the performing arts areas of Building 3--sorry!

13.  Being tardy to class is unacceptable and will result in not participating in class that day.